BIM 360 Assign Services


BIM 360 Assign Services

How does one go about assigning BIM 360 Assign Services within the app? For them to be available in the first place one needs to subscribe to them, but once they have been subscribed to one may spread them across projects and assign rights to members.

If you are an account administrator then you can gain access to the Admin Portal by following one of the following two links, depending on whether you decided to host the account in the USA or in Europe.



Open the project for which the rights of users need to be managed. On the Members tab one may assign Admin Rights, use Insight or Document Management. However, if one needs to assign the rights to BIM 360 Glue, Field or Plan, then one has to open those apps themselves in order to assign the rights.

When the rights to the apps have been assigned, then the Admin portal reflects this. This video shows how to assign these rights.