BIM 360 Design Collaboration File Save Into another Project


In this video blog, we look at how one can save a project that is being collaborated on in the cloud into either another folder or into another project. Following the steps is crucial for a successful collaboration file to be set up in the cloud. Just copying the file through the BIM 360 Docs interface is not enough for the file to be available for collaboration.

First, create a “dummy” folder on the local drive. Open the collaboration project from within Revit then “Save As” a Central file into the Dummy Folder. Give it a name that must assume in its new BIM 360 Folder.

Very importantly, do not “synchronize” this file. If you do, you will not be able to collaborate in the cloud and the process has to be started afresh.

Collaborate in the cloud. Choose BIM 360 project and folder in which the new file must reside, then synchronize.

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