BIM 360 Design Collaboration Pushing Coordinates Workaround


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It is often the case that buildings will repeat themselves on a site. Traditionally one would publish shared coordinates to the link whose instances appear in the site. This helps with infrastructure development, for example. In other situations, it may be necessary to represent apartment styles in such a way. When the buildings are large and have different heating and cooling load requirements, one may even find the MEP models are different in each case. So multiple files need to be referenced to a shared coordinate at a specific location.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to publish coordinates to models on Autodesk BIM 360 platform! This is discussed by the developers in the following post.

Luckily, a later entry in this post discussed how to work around the problem:

You need to create federated models where link instances exist at shared locations, you would be able to use the BIM 360 platform, but temporary copies of the model would have to be created (one for each location) at the beginning of the project.

What alternatives are there though? One may work on a local area network, or use Revit server, but this is not always cost effective or convenient, especially if one follows the sun.

I hope that in time, Autodesk will develop BIM 360 to properly take on the world where large federated models can be built up from repeated link instances positioned by shared locations which were published. In the meantime, use the workaround suggested in this post.