BIM 360 Team and Collaboration For Revit and Desktop Connector

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BIM 360 Team and Collaboration For Revit and Desktop Connector

How does one go about loading archived files onto BIM 360 Team when someone has deleted all the files from the Team? In this video we demonstrate how to save a central file onto the BIM 360 Team platform using the Autodesk Desktop Connector as a central file, then we initiate the Collaboration for Revit cloud central file, and lastly we rename and move the published Collaboration for Revit file into the correct folder so that, when we hit publish in Revit, the new version is automatically published to the correct location.

It is good practice to periodically download and archive any files that reside on the cloud so that one may recover from events such as accidental deletions. Especially in a collaborative environment, the BIM Manager should be pedantic to be able to recover from situations such as these, as it may certainly cause an enormous amount of rework, for which someone has to pay.

If you are uncertain how to use the technology to the best of your advantage, please contact us here at Micrographics so we may advise you on how to manage your files in the cloud and leverage the wonderful apps that take advantage of it.