BIM in South Africa is Happening


In 2015 Autodesk realigned 10% of its workforce to focus on cloud-based applications and services.

A prediction by Forbes states that “…over the next five years the number of handheld devices in the world will increase from 10.3 billion to 29.5 billion.”

Big data and the interconnectedness of things will generate a wealth of data that will aid those with the systems to process it.

Worldwide, in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, this information will largely be generated on BIM platforms supplied by Autodesk.


BIM will be used for the management of buildings over their lifetimes, and it will result in greater efficiencies and cost savings. However, the downstream effects of these buildings on infrastructure operations and management will become an invaluable opportunity for planners and Captains of Industry to formulate and execute strategies to advance their causes. Instead of waiting for answers, big data is and will be available in real time. Those with the systems to command and control their resources will win in the modern world. To gain a better understanding of BIM and the roll that Autodesk plays please consult the following links:



Critical to success is the ability for owners and suppliers to share both legacy and real time data extracted from multiple Common Data Environments (CDE). A variety of cloud platforms are able to deliver this.

For a company to compete and succeed globally, investment of intellectual and monetary resources has to be made during planning, execution and management during the adoption of BIM.


Micrographics is actively involved in this process, hosting a BIM management workgroup, supplying relevant software, hardware and training. Engage with us to make sure you don’t miss the boat…

See what the SA BIM institute is up to, and note they are in the process of formalizing BIM in South Africa in the Near Future: