Building lines in Revit

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Modeling a Building Line In-place

1 Introduction

An Architect requires the use of a Building line to be visible in views other than the site view. While they may choose to create detail lines in many views, the solution may be to rather model such lines in-place as objects on a subcategory of the Site category. These subcategories may then have their display properties set to differentiate them from others and may have objects (in this case lines) modeled in them. These subcategories may then also be overridden within views using the Visibility Graphics override properties of the views. Such overrides may in turn be applied per view using a view template. In the larger picture, were the Architect to use Building lines on more than one project, it may be considered to place the subcategory within the company template so that it may be readily be available for each new project.

2 New Site Subcategory

Open up the Object Styles dialogue.

<Manage><Settings><Object Styles>

Building Lines in Revit-1

Expand and select the model category <Site>. Create a New subcategory, <Site><Building>

Building Lines in Revit-2

Building Lines in Revit-3

After the required properties have been assigned and accepted, go to the Site plan and model the building lines in-place.

Building Lines in Revit-4

<Architecture><Build><Component><Model In-Place>

Building Lines in Revit-5

Choose to model a Site component.

Building Lines in Revit-6

Call the component “Building Lines”.

Building Lines in Revit-7

<Create><Model><Model Line>

Building Lines in Revit-8

Use the “Pick Lines” drawing tool to offset Site lines the appropriate distance (it is assumed that Site lines have already been created). Make sure that the correct subcategory is used for modeling.

Building Lines in Revit-9

Select the Visibility and other settings as required and then complete the modeling.

Building Lines in Revit-10

Just as lines were modeled in place here, so a solid extrusion may also be modeled in-place in a site building line subcategory and then given a material copied from air and made to be 100% transparent.

Building Lines in Revit-11

Building Lines in Revit-12

The advantage of this is that one can see where the building lines when in section. In this case the building space was overridden in section to be 100% transparent.

Building Lines in Revit-13