Drawing a Curtain in AutoCAD


It is a common question that often comes up, especially with Architectural AutoCAD users that do not have exposure to the creation of 3D surfaces: “How do I go about modelling a curtain for a window?

In this video I show how to use a little grid to generate a spline that looks a bit like a since curve. One is created for the base of the curtain, and another for the top. These two are joined together with a two point spline and then a networked spline surface is generated. This surface looks remarkably like a real curtain. If some time is taken to investigate a few iterations then a really good result can come of it (one can even make the curtain look as if it is being blown by the wind). And then, if Lumion is used, some truly great renderings can be achieved. Why not try to draw a curtain? And if you feel you need more training, remember to come and do the AutoCAD 3D course with us?