Dynamo – Practical Applications

Dynamo is now incorporated directly into Revit.

<Manage><Visual Programming><Dynamo>


A lot of effort has been spent on making the Dynamo interface friendly and easy to use for novices. There are lots of samples, help and a community that can be accessed.


I had the good fortune to attend the Autodesk One Team Convention in Berlin Germany recently. I attended a variety of lectures presented by the leaders in their industry throughout the world. I learned from experts hailing from Germany, Dubai, Switzerland, Italy, The UK, Scandinavia and Russia.


Whether it is using Autodesk products for MEP, building design, construction management or infrastructure, the one common thread throughout all was Dynamo. Almost without exception each specialization depended on Dynamo for a speedy and successful conclusion.


Specific instances where Dynamo was used to great advantage included the following

  • An architect creates a schedule to ascertain whether a door is left or right opening.
  • An MEP engineer automatically attaches one theoretical diffuser per room, directly after a heating and cooling loads analysis, so that components upstream can immediately be sized and ordered. This is a great way for the MEP engineer to create interact with the design at a much earlier stage.
  • A construction manager optimizes the position of a crane on a building site so that it does not have to be taken down and reassembled (at great cost).
  • Interesting massing shapes are created.

I, for one am, looking forward to investigating instances where Dynamo can be used for our customers. The next time you have some time on your hands, or if you are bored, click on <Manage><Dynamo> and get programming.  Who knows, you may just discover a talent you never knew you had.

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