Formit to Revit Mass Modeling and Energy Analysis


Architects should really start a design with an advanced knowledge of Revit. Specifically, there is a raft of tools that Revit employs or is compatible with that help Architects design sustainable buildings.

Consider completing this most excellent Autodesk course free of charge:

At the start of it all there is the creation of a shape (the conceptual design), which is termed a mass model. This mass model may be defined in Revit itself, or Formit may be used. Formit Pro has the added advantage that it is integrated with Insight 360 which is built on Green Building Studio.

In this video blog a simple mass model will be constructed and then brought into Revit. The mass will be divided into floors and other building elements fitted.  An energy analysis will be performed and an Insight model prepared. Note that as the design is refined the Insight model updates to reflect the latest design.

Use Revit to design sustainable buildings and maximise your investment.