Get Autodesk Revit!


I advise quite a few clients on how to go about getting onto the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) Building Information Modeling (BIM) freight train. A lot of them are complete novices who have never even used Autodesk software before, often looking to secure decent jobs or contracts with international companies, who are increasingly looking toward South African shores for competitive, skilled labor.

So what program does a newcomer need to invest their time and money in, and what sort of hardware, support and training do they need?

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Revit is included in practically all the AEC BIM workflows, and from this year onwards encapsulates all three flavors – Architectural, Structural and Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

  • Architects, Civil Engineers, HVAC Engineers, Plumbing Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Landscapers, Artists and Construction Managers user Revit collaboratively to design buildings. Files are linked in to eliminate rework and to monitor changes and clashes, and teams can work on the same file over LAN or, when using A360 Collaboration for Revit, from anywhere in the world, and between companies, provided the project administrator invites them.
  • Civil Structures from Autodesk Infraworks or Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D are brought into Autodesk Revit so Reinforcing can be designed.
  • Civil Engineers use Autodesk Revit to set up an analytical model for further analysis in Autodesk Robot.
  • Structural detailers use Autodesk Advance Steel to detail Structural models designed in Revit.
  • Quantity Surveyors use Autodesk Navisworks to estimate quantities from Revit Models, and automate the process after a few iterations.
  • Project managers use Navisworks to manage construction of Revit Models.

There are many more instances where Revit is used, but the above should already indicate to anyone that decision to invest in Revit is a good idea.  Try the software for 30 Days.