Lumion 8 Materials – Painted Revit Assigned


Lumion 8 Materials – Painted Revit Assigned

How would one go about assigning different materials to different faces of a room with Lumion 8 Materials? Architects and interior designers like to assign different materials and finishes to individual faces of interior rooms. Sometimes this is for effect, a little bit of variation, or because it is more efficient to renovate one face at a later stage (as opposed to an entire room).

When one model in Revit it is a simple matter of overriding the default surface material with the Paint Material tool. When the model is brought into Lumion 8, one is then able to map the Revit material to a Lumion 8 Material.

In addition to entire faces of walls, one may also use the Revit tool to split faces to apply materials to parts of faces only.

Once again, a great way that Lumion and Revit interact to bring great results for visualization. A truly great tool for easy visualization…