Introducing Micrographics IT Cape Town


You are under a deadline and then it happens: your computer/network goes on strike. What do you do? Phone IT at Micrographics!

IT, Support, Sales, Micrographics, Cape Town

I have the privilege to work alongside Renier Swart (IT Technical) and Nazley Williams (IT Sales). Nazley can quote you any piece of hardware you need and she does a great job of this. Always friendly and helpful and helping you get the best deal out there.


Take for granted that Renier knows his stuff (Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Networks, etc.).

IT, Support, Sales, Micrographics, Cape Town

Consider his character instead: I would like to refer to specific instances that happened over the last few months during which I have known him:

  1. It is Friday afternoon and I have a class to teach on Monday. There are certain computers that do not want to install and need them on Monday. I mention this to Renier. His answer: “Well I will be in the vicinity anyway so phone me when you reach the office.” I phone him at 09:00. He gets on his superbike, and a short while later he is there, having come all the way from Brackenfell (we are situated in Pinelands). He stayed there until 12:00 making sure I am up and running for Monday. Speaking to him about this he mentioned how he would like to build a reputation with clients that he is available in a pinch and that they can rely on him. What about weekends? “Well I don’t drink, so I am pretty much always available to help.” “Where are you off to now?” I ask? Back to Brackenfell.” In the area indeed…
  2. I am posting blogs at 22:00 on a Sunday Evening. I can’t get onto the website I need to be so I compose a mail for Renier to help me on Monday. 5 minutes later he is Teamviewing onto my PC and getting me working. At night! On a Sunday! As good as his word…
  3. I am in Pretoria, it is 18:00 and I mention I might need his services. His response? “I am taking my laptop home with me so just let me know when I need to Teamview in. OK, I get IT! Now we are in business!

Why not invest in a relationship with our new IT department at Micrographics in Cape Town? Phone Nazley for a quote or Renier if you need technical help. It might be the best decision you make in a long time.