Lumion 6.5.1 vs Twinmotion 2016


I recently had the opportunity to evaluate Twinmotion 2016 ( and to compare it to Lumion 6.5.1 ( Micrographics is the sole agent for Lumion in Africa, but I have tried my best to remain as objective as possible.

We run a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 M on my work laptop and I get great real-time quality rendering and quick detailed renders from Lumion.

Lumion 6.5.1 vs Twinmotion 2016

Twinmotion does not run with it at all (grey screen).

Lumion 6.5.1 vs Twinmotion 2016

Strangely enough I get some operational functionality (terrible visuals) achieved using on-board graphics!

Lumion 6.5.1 vs Twinmotion 2016

What I discovered it that one needs at least an NVIDIA GTX 770 to run Twinmotion! At least on my laptop it seems Lumion is the only option. Luckily we had a performance PC lying around with an NVIDIA GTX 970, and I managed to run Twinmotion on it without any issues.   4

Both are operated along the same lines (like a first person shooter game) and both are easy to learn (1 day).

BUT Lumion has many advantages:

  • has much more and better quality content
  • has better artistic effects, lighting, water, sky and clouds
  • renders faster and with better realism
  • renders panoramically and in Virtual Reality through MyLumion (
  • has a viewer for client meetings
  • Although it is not possible to state that cheaper is hardware required without extensive testing against multiple types of hardware and models, my laptop does seem to bear this out.
  • supported in 17 languages
  • great tutorials online

In conclusion: if it was my money I would invest in Lumion.