Lumion 7.1 Open Street Map Beta


Open Street Map gives one the ability to download GIS data to place one’s Lumion model in context. Currently Open Street Map is in the Beta version, and there are some improvements that users would like, but it has been generally well received:

To use the Open Street Map, edit the topography, then click on the Open Street Map Icon (shown below)

This makes the On/Off button visible for toggling. Click on the power button.

A message from Lumion displays, indicating that is the Beta version. Accept this.

Click on pick a GPS coordinate.

A map view opens from which one may navigate to any location in the world.

Controls enable the user to change the height of buildings or the map range. A preview of the map is shown on the modelling space.

Once the location and range is good, download the map.

One may now optionally display water, earth, buildings, land use and roads.

Pinelands is shown below. Clearly there is not a lot of detail for this area.

Compare this to Manhattan, New York, where skyscrapers display as a forest.

Here is a model view of the Open Street Map as seen from street level.

Compare this to the same view in Google Earth. Various discrepancies can be seen, but in general the space is well represented.

In conclusion: in the absence of other tools (Autodesk Infraworks, Point Clouds, FBX Mesh Files, etc.) it does provide, natively, a great way to contextualize. My personal preference will still be to use these other tools to provide even better contextualization.