Lumion 9.3 has been released!



Check out the latest details and news about this version below.

Lumion 9.3 messaging
For Lumion 9.3, you can find an updated trial, LiveSync improvements and LiveSync for Vectorworks. For more details, have a look at the messaging document in the marketing kit.

Updated free trial & professional trial
The free trial on has been updated to Lumion 9.3. Furthermore, the duration of this trial has been changed to 14 days after the first activation. To see the downloads for your region, go to the partner portal, click on reports and then click on “get free downloads”.

The duration of the 9.3 professional trial, which can be issued by you through the partner portal, has also been changed to 14 days after the first activation.

Main image for trial promotion & new images & LiveSync GIFs
The image folder on the marketing kit has been updated with a new main image for promoting the trial, new general images and LiveSync GIFs

Workflow brochure
In addition to the general and upgrade brochure, we have created a workflow brochure. The general brochure will help you with new leads. The upgrade brochure will support you with existing customers. The workflow brochure will help you with new leads that have a specific interest in the workflow of Lumion.

Vectorworks model & Lumion Scene
To support you in demonstrating LiveSync for Vectorworks to potential clients, we have added a Vectorworks model and a corresponding Lumion scene on the marketing kit.

High-quality LiveSync tutorial for Vectorworks
To support customers in using LiveSync for Vectorworks, we have added a high-quality tutorial on YouTube. Feel free to use this tutorial in your channels.

Free Trial


This Trial version is similar to the full version of Lumion 9.3 Pro but with the following limitations:

  • Panorama Mode is disabled.
  • OpenStreetMap functionality is disabled.
  • Only 15% of the Model Library and Material Library is included.
  • Scenes saved in this version can not be opened in other versions of Lumion.
  • Photos and Movies include a watermark.
  • Lumion Viewer is not included.
  • It is valid for 14 consecutive days (from when you start Lumion the first time).