Lumion 9 feature spotlight: Real Skies and Atmospheric Rain and Snow


A combination of beautiful Real Skies, Sky Light 2 and atmospheric rain and snow heighten the “living” look of the environments surrounding your designs

Location, location, location…

It may be an old, overused cliche but there’s definitely some truth to it in the architectural world. Buildings are inseparable from their locations, and when communicating your design to the outside world, making sure the viewer understands the design’s context is everything.

Something as simple as the look of the sky can act as an anchor, grounding you to the reality of your project’s environment. Weather such as rain and snow beautifully demonstrates how your design will endure through both climate and season.

Renders of the luxury city apartment throughout the year.

With Lumion 9 Pro, achieving this “living environment” look is surprisingly easy with new features such as Real Skies (w/ Sky Light 2) and Atmospheric Rain and Snow.

In just a few clicks, you can give your design the strong, blue light of a clear, sunny day, or you can present a more dramatic look with heavy shadows as thick rain clouds roll in.

Here is an example of how Real Skies and Sky Light 2 make a subtle (but highly effective) impact on your scene’s lighting.

With the new Atmospheric Rain and Snow, it’s now possible to show the different phases of precipitation as if falls. 

For instance, imagine you’re designing a building for a location that’s known for its bouts of wild weather. By configuring the Precipitation effect with keystrokes, it only takes a few minutes to make a video of your project going from an all-out downpour to a stunning, calm day.

To show your building design in a brutal, northern winter, simply add the Precipitation effect, tune the slider to the snow option and let the flurries fly.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through two of the biggest new features in Lumion 9 Pro — Real Skiesand Sky Light 2 and Atmospheric Rain and Snow  — and we’ll show how they can provide a living element to your 3D renders.

Sky Light 2 and Real Skies (Pro only)

The relationship between the sky and your design is central to showing the reality of its future construction. From the exterior, the sky is what shapes the look and the feel of the building. From the interior, it’s a major part of what the building’s inhabitants will look out and see day after day.





With the 39 new, pre-configured Real Skies effects in Lumion 9 Pro, you can instantly dress your render with a beautiful, realistic sky in Photo, Movie and 360 Panorama mode.

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