Lumion – Advanced Movement Effect – Open Door


Consider a Revit project represented here by a wall with three doors. It is required to be able to open these doors in Lumion by using the Advanced Movement Effect. The items that need to be manipulated in Lumion must exist at independent models, and for this reason the door panels and hardware (and other relevant sub-categories) are hidden in the view using Visibility Graphics Overrides.


This model is now exported to a .DAE file and brought into Lumion.


A copy of the project is created and the relevant door moved to the Revit O,O,O point (the default project / site base point)


The door is now temporarily isolated (Visibility Graphics Overrides are used to switch off the immoveable parts).


The door panel may now be inserted into the Lumen project for each door and placed appropriately.



Now  clip is composed; note the time


The next camera position is navigated to and the time set as required. In this case I keep the same viewpoint but I go forward to 20 seconds in time.


When the clip is complete, create an effect.

New Effect > Objects > Advanced Move Effect

When the clip is played I want the first door to open fully within the first 5 seconds then stay open. The second door fully open between 5 and 10 seconds and third door between 10 and 15 seconds.

Edit the effect


One is able to Move Object, Change Height, Size Object, Rotate Heading, Rotate Pitch and Rotate Bank within a maximum allowable 99 second time span. If the Max time is less than the length of the clip, the effect will repeat every max time length. To open door 1, I choose to Rotate Heading (open door fully) when I set the time to 5 s of the 20 s max time interval (same  length as the clip).


Then I turn the time back to 0 and set the same doors heading to zero.


The same method is used for the second door between 5 and 10 seconds and for the third door between 10 and 15 seconds. Lastly, the Time Offset for the Effect