Lumion Pro 5.7 File Management (Part 2 of 5)


2 Obtaining the 7 Day Trial

A 7 Day Lumion Trial may be requested from Micrographics. A link is provided to download the trial (specific to that client). Once the link is issued the countdown on the trial has commenced.

Since Lumion is so easy to learn it is recommended that prospective clients immediately attempt a project they would like to present using Lumion Pro 5.7. Online video tutorials are available to quickly learn the basics:

3 Migrating from 7 Day Trial to Pro

The 7 day trial gives full access to the software capabilities. Uninstalling the trial will not delete user files and they may be opened with the paid software without complication as long as they are in the correct Lumion folder. For a general discussion of this topic please consult the following post

4 File Management

Since Lumion does not employ the usual windows save file dialogue, first time users might be left wondering how to manage their files.

C:\Users\paul\Documents\Lumion 5\” is the default working directory for Lumion. Three sub-directories are evident:

  • …\Library\” stores models that are used in scenes.
  • …\Miscellaneous\” stores various files used in scenes (e.g. Sounds and Video Textures).
  • …\Scenes\” stores scenes.

Note: Lumion Standard restricts users to saving scenes to the default directory, while Lumion Pro affords users the added functionality of saving scenes to alternate locations.

To illustrate how a user of Lumion may use file management to their advantage, I deleted all files from the default directory: “C:\Users\paul\Documents\Lumion 5\”

Lumion Pro File Management 01