Plant 3D BIM collaboration project – Part 3 – Adding users and permissions


When you have created a Project,

You can then assign users to the project.

In the Project Directory, locate and select the project.






You can then add members by clicking Add on the left.

Type in the email address of the person you wish to invite to the project and then hit the enter key,

Multiple people may be added here in one go.

When all users are added, click the Select button.

You can then add in the users Company, Roles and Permissions to the project.




Once done the user should now be able to access your project.

Open Plant 3D.

Go to the Plant Manager and use the drop down,

Select the Open Collaboration Project.









In the Collaboration for Plant 3D,

The main folder should be selected by default,

This is set up when you first sign up for BIM 360.

Use the drop down on the right and select the Plant Project that was created.







The project should be available to be selected,

Select it and then Open Project.

The project should now be available in your Project Manager,

Note that the project manager now displays the BIM 360 Logo,

This helps identify where the project is located.

The project will only sync necessary files to your local machine,

This helps a lot when you have a small, fast SSD.

If you need to, you can purge the local files by going to your AppData and deleting the project folders or files.

C:\Users\Quinn\AppData\Local\Autodesk\AutoCAD Plant 3D\CollaborationCache