Prepare an Infraworks Model for Import into Civil 3D


When there is little information available of an existing development, or if large-scale planning is to be done, then Infraworks is a good place to start. In part one of two video blogs, we look at preparing the Infraworks model, so we can import that into Civil 3D for further analysis.

Using the Infraworks Model Builder we create a model of a stretch of road anywhere in the world (Mauritius in this case). We then assign the appropriate UTM coordinate system as this must be the same in Civil 3D.

We can switch layers on or off, although we prepare this model such that all layers are to go through to Civil 3D.  were we to model assembled roads or bridges in Infraworks, these can also transfer to Civil 3D.

When porting from Infraworks to Civil 3D it is not necessary to export the model from Infraworks. We will navigate to the appropriate Infraworks model from within Civil 3D. This can be done by browsing the folder: C:\Users\User\Documents\Autodesk InfraWorks Models\Autodesk 360\