Ready, Set, Render! A crash course in Lumion mastery


You have the technology, the 3D models and the general know-how to communicate your designs to the client. But what if you could do more? In these 10 tutorial lessons, you’ll learn everything from the basics to more advanced techniques, helping you pull the most out of Lumion and create your most beautiful renderings yet.

Lumion 9:
Communicating design through context

By Revit Elites – Karam

From Real Skies to the atmospheric rain and snowcustomisable 3D grass to furry materials, the new features in Lumion 9 can help you better communicate the relationship between your design and its real-life context.

Discover how in the following blog posts – simply click on the images below.

Top renders
since the release of Lumion 9

It has been over two months since Lumion 9 came out, and every day, we come across hundreds of amazing renders created by talented users from all over the world. There have been out-of-this-world private homes and mansions that, previously, we could have only imagined in our dreams. Commercial buildings driving modern trends of architectural design and style. Interiors to ignite the imagination, and landscapes fit for royalty.

With so many stand-out renders, choosing only five was a challenge on its own.
These are the top 5.


Special thanks to JTF (top), Manish Lohia (middle left), Bridge Con (middle right), FengchaoDesign Wuzhou (lower left) and Gui Felix (lower right).

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Lumion 9 : Faster workflows, unlimited possibility!