Recast a Standard to use with Autodesk BIM Classification Tool


Revit comes out as a United States edition as far as standards are concerned. This is true for Keynotes, Assembly codes, and Omniclass numbers. If you know how one can recast the typical standard to comply with the formats for any of these. It does take some understanding of the standard hierarchy, and if the standard is extensive, some programming may be required.

An alternative is to use Revit as it is published, and then attached shared parameters as Type (or instance) properties that one can populate using the Autodesk Classification Manager. The British Uniclass standard is probably the most extensive, and they have used this tool to its extreme, having tables for different categories of the standard.

In this video, we will look at how we can cast the recently released ASAQS standard for use in the Autodesk Classification Tool. Once one understands the process, one can pretty much do the same for any other logically classified system. In other words, the workflow would probably be applicable anywhere on our planet.