Revit 2016 R2 – Hyperlinks in Schedules


Suppose one has a PDF document that must be associated with a door, per instance, through a schedule. Revit has this capability and it is even possible to include the hyperlink in tags if necessary.

If the hyperlink is required to show in tags, it must be created a shared instance parameter. This parameter is scheduled. The path for the hyperlink is inserted into the field as text. The radio button automatically browses to the referenced resource, but it cannot be used to add the path to the schedule. The path may lead to a file, website or email address. If the path references an email address, the path must be predicated with the following phrase: “mailto:”

Edit the fields of the require schedule and add a parameter. Either create a parameter or load a shared parameter. Illustrated is a shared instance parameter.





After the parameter is created one way to set a path to a specific file is to use windows explorer to copy the address to a text file and then to append the filename. Enter this as text in the field. Clicking on the radio button then automatically opens the file. Not that this is the only way in which the file can be accessed (through the schedule). The file cannot be accessed through the sheet the schedule is pasted on, and neither can it be accessed through a tag. If there are more than one document/link to reference, more than one hyperlink can be attached to the schedule. This is an easy way to manage external information using Revit scheduling.