Revit 2016 R2 – Images in Schedules


It is quite easy to include images in schedules to represent the components scheduled, although each image that is inserted will add to the file size. If care is taken to use only images with nominal resolutions for scheduling purposes, the increase in file size will not be excessive. The images will probably not be accepted by planning authorities (as a substitute for drawings), but at least a client may get a true visual representation of what they will receive.

To include the image in the schedule, simply add it from the fields available.


Click the radio control in the field in the schedule. An efficient way to do this is on the cell where the radio control would be if one were to click somewhere else on the cell. This works for any data grid where a radio control is embedded in a data cell.


This way one is taken directly to the Manage Image dialogue box. Click add to browse to the image that must be loaded into project and attached to the scheduled object in the schedule.


Import the required image. And click OK to insert it in the project.


Make sure it is selected then click OK to insert it into the schedule.


The name of the file is now seen on the data cell (not the image itself).


Drag the schedule onto to the sheet that it will be displayed on for the image to be visible to the client.


If the image is required to display larger, increase the column size.