Revit 2017 – Custom Browser Organization


How does one create an “Advanced” project browser view organization like within the Revit sample project rme_advanced_sample_project?


This is a question that may occur to a first time user of Revit, as the default browser organization is set to “All”.


It is really up to the user/organization how they would like to create the browser organization. In the simplest form it consists of creating one’s own view classifications and filtering and sorting according to existing view properties, but the option to create one’s own project view properties to filter and sort according to is probably more appealing.

In the advanced mechanical template the primary sorting parameter is such a custom project parameter called “View Classification”, of type “Text” and listed under “Graphics”, and the two values assigned to it are “Design” and “Presentation”. This reflects that a Mechanical Engineer may prefer to use Visibility Graphics Overrides, especially filters, while designing. IN addition to design, the presentations to regulating authorities must conform to a set standard. It therefore makes sense to separate these views into separate categories.

Create an instance project text parameter called “View Classification” and associate it with the category Views.

<Manage><Project Parameters>





RMC on the browser and select browser organization. Alternatively <View><User Interface><Browser Organization>

Create a new custom Browser Organization


Set the sorting to “View Classification” and then “Family and Type”. Sort by View Name.


All the existing views are listed under a Question mark as the parameter has not yet been set in their instance properties.


After they are assigned values the browser is sorted accordingly.



Further sorting occurs according to another project parameter (Sub-Discipline), then Family and Type.


A view list can be used to manage view properties more easily.