Revit 2018 – Reinstall Material Libraries


Sometimes the Revit Material Libraries become corrupted. It happened to me twice this year while experiencing crashes after Revit 2018 was just released.

Usually one comes aware of this if the materials don’t have access the images that are used for appearances.

Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the entire Revit 2018, rather just repair or reinstall the material libraries.

When installing Autodesk software temporarily:

  • Disable virus protection
  • Set Windows User Account Control Setting to a minimum

If you don’t know how to do this, give us a call so we may help you with this.

You will need access to the Revit 2018 installation media. Typically the installation media will be extracted to this location when Revit is first installed:

  • C:\Autodesk

If you don’t have copy of the installation media yet it would be a good idea to copy these files should you need to format your pc in the future.

In this case, browse to the folder:

  • C:\Autodesk\Revit_2018_G1_Win_64bit_dlm\Content\ADSKMaterials\2018

In this directory there are six folders.

Revit 2018, Material Library Repair Installation

Each folder has an installer package as well as a compressed cabinet file.

Revit 2018, Material Library Repair Installation

When you run the installer package, you will be given the choice to repair or remove.

Try to repair the installations.

Revit 2018, Material Library Repair Installation

If that does not resolve the issue, remove them and the reinstall them again.

Revit 2018, Material Library Repair Installation

After you reinstalled these libraries the chances are you will not experience the same issues again.

Let us know if you have any trouble with your installations, or if you need advice on the hardware you need to run them. We are always at your service.