Revit LT 2017 – Free Cloud Render

Revit LT can only render in the cloud (free for low resolution), but it is possible to display the model in a fine detail level and a realistic with edges visual style. Shadows may also be switched on, and the location of the project may also be set. This already give a good approximation to what the project will look like.


If the cloud renders are small, they may be sufficient for general display purposes.

View > Graphics > Render in Cloud


It is required to sign into one’s Autodesk account.


A step by step instruction is provided. Continue.


For the 3D view and still image, choosing:

  • Render Quality: Standard
  • Image Size (1 mega Pixel)

results in a render on the cloud that is FREE! Optionally select to be reminded by email when the render is complete and then proceed to Start Render.


The file is uploaded to the cloud.


An email alerts one to the rendered image.


From within Revit one may browse to the render gallery.


This opens up as a web page, and the image may be downloaded.


Now insert the picture into a sheet.


In the comparison below it may be seen that the free render is rather good, and if one reduces the size of the image, the resolution will be quire acceptable for general purposes.


One may also perform a free panoramic render, in which case one may download this as an html and share it with others. One is able to “look around” from the viewpoint the render was created from, but one cannot walk around.


If better quality renders are required it may be paid for in cloud points, which may be purchased from Micrographics.


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