Revit – Southern Hemisphere Shared Coordinates – 2 of 4 – Specify Coordinates and Relocate Project


In this video just how the Revit Site Project is created and how the Architect acquires the coordinates from the site model is investigated.

A typical cad file is shown as is generally constructed from the Surveyor General diagram and is referenced to the Survey Beacon. It is brought into the Revit file Centre to Centre and then moved to coincide with the topography that will be created from the points file.

The levels are set to reference the Survey beacon. The coordinates are acquired from the CAD file. The project elevation is then relocated (this results in the levels reporting survey values while one is in effect still modeling around the Revit project internal Origin).

The Site Drawing is linked into the Architectural project after which it is translated and rotated as required with respect to the house model. The coordinates are acquired from the Revit Site Project.

The Architectural model is linked into the Site model by shared coordinates and a building pad created for it.