Revit – Southern Hemisphere Shared Coordinates – 4 of 4 – Publish Shared Coordinates


When a design is repeatedly used on a site then it is useful to publish the shared coordinates back to the link in Revit, as well as to save the locations during the process back to the link as well.

This allows one to open the design and then to link in the side and view the design in the context of the locations that it was placed into the site, to begin with.

Another way in which this is useful is when a rough calculation of cur and fill volumes is made on the development, as building pads can be placed in the site drawing at the various locations.

This video blog looks at both these scenarios.

During this series of video blogs on Shared Coordinates, I have learned just how useful they are. As they are typically part of a Building Information Model (BIM) Execution Plan (BEP), do not why away from using them. If you need help remember that Micrographics is here to support you. Give us a call or mail us if required.