Same Build for Worksharing

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1 Introduction

An Architectural firm invests in a CAD to BIM transition using Revit as the vehicle. They are interested in Worksharing and want’s to manage their Updates and be able to workshare over the Local Area Network (LAN). There are some simple steps to take to make sure their Worksharing occurs with the least amount of challenges.

2 Hold Off on New Version

When a new version of Revit is released it takes a few months for the peripheries to catch up. That is, the Service Packs to fix the initial bugs, the Extensions, Add-Ins and Offline Help files all lag the version release. It is recommended that users hold off for at least a few months before adopting the new version, and that they coordinate the transition with their consultants, since Revit is not backwards compatible (their files will be incompatible with their consultants unless they are on the same version).

3 Same Build

It is important for all of the team busy worksharing to be on the same build (Update) and not just version (year). To see what version a user is on, click on the drop-down next to the help icon and select “About Autodesk Revit 2016”.

Same Build for Worksharing-1

The next splash screen that appears shows the build number in the top right hand corner.

Same Build for Worksharing-2

4 Coordinated Updates

Use Autodesk Application Manager to download updates for each user. Set the local directory and also set the network directory. This way, when one user updates the file is stored on the LAN server. When the next user updates, the update will be installed off the LAN server and not the Internet. It is good practice to install updates immediately as they become available.