Sliding Stacking Door – Sliding Stacking Door Family


Part 3 of our multi-part series
Part 1
Part 2

A door panel has been nested into a line-based component which is to be nested into a door family.

Shared parameters that are common to the line-based and panel families are also brought into the door family. That way the parameters propagate from the door family right through to the panel family. The difference between the door family shared parameters and the other two families are that the shared parameters are declared as Type parameters.

A frame is created to surround the panels, and the parameters are mapped from the door family onto the line-based component. This includes the material of the geometry.

The door family is loaded into a project and the family is tested in a wall. Some errors are encountered in testing and it is shown how to fix the relevant parameters through the 3-tier family nesting.

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