Sliding Stacking Door – Symbolic Lines


Part 4 of our multipart series
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In this video blog, we look at how to create a symbolic representation for the swing on the sides of a Sliding Stacking Door. Whenever the door is seen in a plan view, these symbolic lines will be visible.

Reference planes and reference lines are drawn to host symbolic lines and arcs. A parameter is created to calculate the width of the door panels. The reference elements, as well as the symbolic lines, are labelled using this parameter. Symbolic lines and arcs are drawn hosted to the reference elements and further defined using dimension labels and assembly constraints (align and lock). The family is flexed (tested for various sizes and parameters) and finally loaded into the project.

Creating or modifying families is one of the critical skills that need to be present in any company if it would like to successfully complete a project.  If you need help or training in authoring or editing more advanced families, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.