Tag materials in plan view


1 Introduction

An Architect defines their walls from floor level to floor level. After they designed the building they then proceed to paint the walls using the paint tool.

Tag Materials in Plan View-1

Although they can include these materials in a material takeoff, or label them in locked 3D views, internal, elevations, external elevations and sections, they are unable to do so in Plan View.

Tag Materials in Plan View-2

How to dictate to the painter in Plan view what to paint? Do they have to manually label the walls using “dumb” annotations? Do they have to define a new wall type with a material layer in the structure each time two differing materials have to exist on either side of the walls? Isn’t there some easier way in in which their workflow may be accommodated?

2 ARUtils Add-In

The ARUtils Add-In may be downloaded and evaluated from the following link. It is not freeware and may be purchased after evaluation if required.


After installing, a request is submitted for a license file which, when received, is copied to the appropriate directory. Use the “Tag Wall Paint” tool.

Tag Materials in Plan View-3

Note that I set the “Tag Value” to “Description.

Tag Materials in Plan View-4

That means that the value displayed will correspond to the <Material><Identity><Descriptive Information><Description> field.

Tag Materials in Plan View-5

Load the appropriate ARUtils tag family. This is the path in a default installation in Windows 8.1:

C:\Program Files\ARUtils2016\families\ gencode.rfa.

Tag Materials in Plan View-6

This family contained lines around the tag which I made invisible by editing the family and setting the line’s visibility parameter to unchecked.

Tag Materials in Plan View-7

Proceed to tag the necessary painted materials on walls. Be careful to tab to the wall face when annotating using the tag.

Tag Materials in Plan View-8

Note the difference between the Revit material Tag and the ARUtils tag. The Revit Material tag denotes the material contained in the layer structure of the wall while the ARUtil tag denotes the material pained onto the wall using the Paint Tool.

Tag Materials in Plan View-9