What is Autodesk Virtual Agent


Autodesk Virtual Agent or AVA is a handy tool that is offered by Autodesk to assist with queries that you might have, ranging from software downloads to registering of software.

I have found this tool extremely helpful when trying to access the software downloads.  To start type ava.autodesk.com in the address bar and get started.  First up AVA will ask how she can assist you.  So if you type in Download it will allow you to download the latest software that is available.

One of the great things about AVA is that it allows you to have a live chat with a real human being.  Yes, you heard correct.  One of the gripes I had with Autodesk was that you were not able to get any assistance from a real person.  When looking for support the first port of call would be the discussion groups or Google.  Once you had exhausted those options, you would then email Autodesk and as their website states, it could take up to 2 days to get back to you.

With Live Chat at least you can start getting a bit of headway into receiving support immediately.  Another awesome option with the new Desktop Subscription option is that you can also get telephonic support from Autodesk.  Set a time and Autodesk will give you a call.

You need a product key for any of the software just type in the name and version of the software eg AutoCAD Mechanical 2019 and AVA will give you the product key.