Who Should Invest in Revit Live


Revit Live is pure dynamite

I think Revit Live is pure dynamite! Bolting onto both Revit and Revit LT it is a fantastically priced offering that returns, at the click of a button, a full-blown Virtual Reality model.

Revit Live, Lights, Invest, Micrographics

Not so long ago Virtual Reality was the playground of those with deep pockets who could afford the skills needed to create the model, and a lot of work went into making the model behave as such. Then just over a year ago, along came Autodesk and hey presto: click that one button there and that is pretty much it… The model uploads into the cloud and is then downloaded. Linked Revit files pose no problem. Fire up Revit Live editor to change the time of day (lights from Revit automatically render and stars appear), populate the sky with clouds, change the direction of the sun and make people appear as silhouettes. Then write the file out to either Windows or IOS format.

Revit Live, Lights, Invest, Micrographics

This model may then be shared with anyone else who may download the Revit Live Viewer for free. If a Virtual Reality headset is available then go all the way and immerse yourself in the full experience. Point and shoot within the model to navigate longer distances (Beam me up Scotty) and walk or look around at will within the safe box. Alternatively, go out of the model and manipulate it as if you were a giant holding the model in your hands.

A note of caution: you will need a decent PC to operate either Revit Live Editor or Revit Live Viewer. So don’t expect your client to interact with the model unless you are set up for it.

Also, while the lighting effects are great for general viewing, their fidelity is a bit suspect.

Revit Live, Lights, Invest, Micrographics

In addition to the basic live model in which doors open automatically, walls cannot be walked through, furniture has to be navigated around and stairs are automatically climbed, there is an advanced workflow that may leverage Stingray to create animations and objects of interest.

Subscribe to Revit Live if:

  • You subscribe to Revit or Revit LT
  • You own a good Revit PC