3D to 2D AutoCAD

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Drawing 3D in AutoCAD has the stigma that it is difficult and very user unfriendly.   That may have been true in previous versions but definitely not now. Autodesk has put a lot of effort into making drawing in 3D simple and quick.

I remember when drawing in AutoCAD if you wanted to draw on a face that was at an angle from your World UCS then you would have to change the UCS to a custom UCS by moving or revolving around the X,Y or Z axis.

3D to 2D AutoCAD 01

Nowadays to manipulate the UCS to be temporarily on a face different to the World UCS you can have the Dynamic UCS option to be ON and by hovering over the face the UCS is temporarily placed there and you just continue working.

3D to 2D AutoCAD 02

After selecting my first point of my line on the face with the Dynamic Input on it changes my orientation of my UCS (see picture on right). Very, very easy.


Creating 2D drawings from your 3D views is now made even more simple with the addition of the Base command.

3D to 2D AutoCAD 03

There are 2 options you can take. Either getting a base view from a 3D model you have created in AutoCAD or a model from Inventor.

When you bring in your model you can type in O for orientation and it allows you to choose which view you want.

3D to 2D AutoCAD 04

Click where you want your view to be and then press enter. It will then show you a preview of projected views. Click where you want your views to be and voila!

3D to 2D AutoCAD 05

3D to 2D AutoCAD 06

An added bonus. If you make a change on your model the associated views will show those changes. Just another way that AutoCAD is making our lives easier in 3D.