Add a new service to AutoCAD Plant PnID


Sometimes you need to add a new service or modify and existing one in plant,

Maybe you have PF for Process flow or CE for Clean Effluent,

We can add or change these easily if we require.


If you take a look at the Tag on my pipe,

Its broken down into:

  1. Size
  2. Spec
  3. Service
  4. Line Group Number

In this case,

Service is what we are after, in this case it is P for General Process,

Let’s add In PW for Process Water

Under Project Manager, Select Project Setup.

Once the Project Setup open (This can take a minute or two),

Navigate to Non-Engineering Items under Pipe Line Group under P&ID Class Definitions.

Find and select Services in the Properties,

Then Click Edit.

The Selection List Property window opens,

As you can see in the list, there are a lot of services in by default,

Click the Add Row button.


Insert the Value (This is what is going to normally be displayed in the TAG) Note that is can’t be changed afterwards.

Then Insert a suitable Description so users know what that service is.

When done, select the OK Button.

As you see, I received an error that it was already in use (There already is a PW – Process Water)

If this happens, you will either need to choose a new value or you can modify the description the existing value to suit your needs.

Select OK, then change it to be CE for Clean Effluent and accept.

If there are services that will never be used, they can be removed.

Just select the row value and select Delete Row.

When done, select OK.

Back at Project Setup select OK.



Then we go back to the tagged line,

the new service should have been added to the list.

Set the service to your newly created service.