Adding information to Intelligent P&ID borders


I recently had a query as to why the company had to manually add text to their drawing borders,

When we were taking a look at their templates, we noticed that everything seemed fine,

The issue was, that the users did not know that the drawing was pulling the data from the drawing properties,

This is basically using a field like within normal AutoCAD.


If you have an intelligent border, you can save yourself a lot of repetition by using the drawing properties,

This also makes it possible to search these fields that are embedded inside drawings, by using a database like Autodesk vault.

To change the properties,

Open the drawing (You don’t Have to open it but it helps to confirm the changes.)

Confirm the current state of the border,

Right click on the drawing in the Project Manager, in the menu select Properties

The Drawing Properties menu will open,

In the General area, Change the properties to suit your needs.

Select the OK button to accept your changes.

The changes should automatically update and be displayed on your boarder.

If they do not change, you may need to try the REGEN command or saving.

If it still does not update,

the Field is probably pulling the information from elsewhere in the project.

You can find this out by double clicking the Field you are interested in,

First it opens the Text Editor,

then double click the Field that is inside the text box.

This opens the Field window and we can see the CurrentProjectDescription is where it is pulling information from.