Advance Steel Viewer


When working in the CAD environment not everyone will need to modify drawings. AutoCAD drawings in the DWG format are the most commonly used amongst the 2D drawing space. If you would like to view these drawings you do not need to purchase a license of either AutoCAD LT or the AutoCAD with specialised toolsets. Autodesk has created a free viewer – DWG Trueview. This viewer can be downloaded from the following link.

When working in AutoCAD Advance Steel the same principles apply. Only designers needing to create and modify the Advance Steel model and 2D drawings will need access to a paid subscription of the software. When it comes to viewing you should be able to use the DWGTrueview as the files that it outputs is a DWG.

Unfortunately DWG Trueview is not a solution straight out of the box. This is because we need an object enabler (provided by Autodesk) to view the elements that are created in Advance Steel. This Object Enabler can be found in your Autodesk account under your Products and Services tab. Once there select the View Details options directly under the Install button.

The file can be downloaded for installation from the Plug-ins tab. This will allow Navisworks Manage, AutoCAD vanilla as well as DWG Trueview to view the special elements that get created when building up a structure in Advance Steel.

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