AutoCAD 2021 – What’s New Part 1 Trim,Extend and Measure


It’s that time of year again folks!  Autodesk is releasing all their major updates (not like some of the minor updates have not been pretty major as well ).  AutoCAD 2021 has been released and there are there some nice additions.

First up is the new additions to the measure tool.  This went through a pretty big change in AutoCAD 2020 where it made it ridiculously easy to interrogate a drawings dimensions.  Previously it was like drawing on a napkin/serviette.

In 2020 you were able to quickly find lengths of lines, distances between lines, radii and diameter of circles and arcs and aligned distances.

AutoCAD 2021 gives you the ability to acquire the area of a space and if there is an island in the space you are querying it will not include that space.

The second feature I would like to discuss is the trim and extend command.  This feature has always been a bit of a bother to teach.  For new users, having to remember to press enter was always a bit of a challenge and for users of other 2D software it worked the opposite way so they never selected the correct geometry first.

If you have worked on the trim command in Autodesk Inventor you will now be an expert in the trim and extend command in AutoCAD 2021.  It is as simple as selecting the line and then it trims.  No more selecting boundaries and the like and then pressing enter and then selecting what to trim.

Well done Autodesk!!