AutoCAD – Adding Tool Pallets and Blocks


If you are in a company that has several individual items that you use repeatedly,

things like valves, pumps, or any other piece of equipment.

You may have already created these items into blocks and probably have them on a sheet that stores most, if not all the blocks.

or you open a drawing that already has the block that you require and use it.

then have it open and copy-paste from it to your new drawing,

this is not exactly wrong or anything, but it can be inefficient, difficult to manage, and can be prone to accidentally damaging the template if not done correctly.

we do however have another option that you can use to create almost a library of these blocks using our tool palette.

if you have maybe used the dynamic blocks from the tool palette before you have already seen that there is already a library in place,

can just customize it to suit your company standards.

to do this is straightforward and simple,


In AutoCAD, if your tool pallet is not already open,

go to the View tab on the ribbon,

in the Palettes panel select Tool Pallets.

Right-click in the tool pallets and select new palette,




















rename the pallets to suit your needs,

you can now copy any block into the tool palette you have now just created,

this will now allow you to create an entire library inside this tool palette,

















that you can use across drawings without having to jump backward and forwards between different drawings.