AutoCAD – Change Grip or Shading Colour


When selecting items in AutoCAD especially when working with pipes and equipment in Plant 3D,

It can be difficult to see grips over items that are highlighted as both are by default, shaded blue.

This becomes very frustrating when we’re trying to accurately move our equipment or route are piping accurately,

As we can’t tell when we have selected just an item or the actual grip.

to better display the difference between the items that are selected and the grips themselves.










To do this,

we just need to go into the AutoCAD options that are underneath the application menu

Select Options,


















To change the Grip colour.

Selection Tab and the Grips Colours button,

this then opens the Grips Colours menu,

we can use this window to customise any of the colours of the grips in AutoCAD.

In the settings tab

Select the Grip Color button,

then in the Grip Colors window,

select the Unselected Grip Color drop-down,

Change to one of the default colours or select colour option to define a custom colour.

You can also change the others thou, for now, I’m just using the OK button to accept.
















To change the selection shading.

go to the selection tab

then in the selection affect colour dropdown

Select the default colours or select colour option to define a custom colour.

















when you are done with the changes,

select OK in the options menu window.

you should now see a better difference in shading between the highlighted colour and the grips,