AutoCAD Design Center – transfer tool


The Design Center in AutoCAD is great for transferring blocks and styles and standards from one drawing to another.

To open the Design Center navigate to the View tab/Palettes panel and select Design Center.

When viewing/selecting a drawing in the Design Center the following information is displayed.

Blocks – Any blocks that are saved within the drawing will be able to be dragged and dropped into the current drawing or if you right click on the block you will have the option to save it to the current tool palette. You are also able to insert and redefine the block, redefine from within the Design Center interface and copy.

Any styles that were created in the drawing you are querying in the Design Center will be able to be dragged and dropped into the current drawing.

Dimension, Multileader, Table, Text styles do not have to be recreated.  It is just a drag and drop function from within the Design Center.

If you are working with an external company and they have certain standards with regards to their layering system then there is no need to recreate them.  Just drag and drop the layer from their drawing and you now have it available in your current drawing.

If you right click on any of the options you are able to also save the styles and blocks as favourites.  This equates to not having to remember where the drawing is saved.  A shortcut is saved and it is availabe to not only you but your team as well.