AutoCAD – Find and Replace Text


AutoCAD is a tool that is great for creating objects like arcs, lines and circles as well as modifying that geometry by utilising commands like trim, copy and offset.  All tools needed to represent the drawings that you see today to depict our wonderful world whether it be in the mechanical, architectural or civil space.

To relay how the drawing moves from the page into real life, the pictures are not enough.  One needs to use detail like dimensions and text.  AutoCAD excels in this as well.

A drawing can see much detail but as we know in real life everything, and I mean everything will go through revisions.  These revision might be a complete design change where your drawing will might look completely different from when it started and other times it will be a simple changing of a word.  Simple if that word only exists in a few places but what if it is situated in 20,30 or even 100 places across your drawing?

Well AutoCAD can handle that as well.

Like any word processing software AutoCAD has a find and replace tool which allows you to sniff out text and replace it.  This can occur by either manually checking on each word or partial text and accepting it or just accepting everything and sitting aback to enjoy the rest of your tea or coffee.

The options of what to search for is not only on the surface level of the drawing (what you can see).  If you have hidden attributes you can also search for those and replace as you see fit.