AutoCAD – Find and Replace


When creating text in AutoCAD you might find yourself at a point where you need to find and replace content that has been created with your text.  This text can reside in blocks, attributes, single linetext or multiline text.

There are a few places in AutoCAD where you can find this find and replace. The first is whilst editing or creating your text, on the tools panel.  This find and replace looks like the below image.

As you can see there are a few options which are available but these only pertain to the text that you have created.  Find next allows you to browse through what will be effected and then you can utilise the replace tool.  If there need to be wholesale changes then you can just use the replace all tool and sit back and let AutoCAD do all the leg work.

If you need the find and replace tool and look inside tables, passages of text, blocks or even hidden attributes you can activate the find and replace tool which is found by typing in find into the command line of AutoCAD.

With this tool you can do the following.

  • Find and replace but can look specifically in the entire drawing, current space layout or selected objects.
  • You can list the objects that are found and then decide which ones to to replace.

As you can see, you have extensive search options which allow you to pick and choose what you want to do and what to search for.

If you have not used this tool before, i suggest looking at it.  It could save you hours and hours of your valuable time.