AutoCAD for MAC vs PC

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So I am currently giving a training course for AutoCAD for MAC and boy has it been a ride.  I have been helping the wife with her MAC and technical issues so how hard could it be.

Well, let me tell you…

So the first thing I noticed when installing the AutoCAD on a MAC is that is extremely quick to install and also that it seems to be an app on the MAC.  Okay, nice.  We initially had trouble with the install so we had to uninstall and put service packs on and it works!!!

Now the interface. It looks like the drop-down menu interface of the AutoCAD of old.  So no problem.  Nope, there was a problem, because I haven’t used the older AutoCAD in a while so it was a little bumpy at first but I soon got into my stride and when I got stuck looking for an icon (you guessed it) the handy old shortcut keys came into play.  It was exactly the same learning curve that I had to do when the ribbon menu came out.  It saved my life.

Some of the buttons are a bit small and because it was such a big screen with a really high resolution (but yet again so pretty) it was a bit difficult seeing the icons but who needs icons when you have shortcut keys.

So we imported some drawings, setup some layers (which is also a little different) and got to print in monochrome (after a few tries).

What I would like to do over the next few weeks is show you the differences in setting up a template in AutoCAD for MAC and you can make a decision as a MAC user if it is maybe the way to go.