AutoCAD Group command


One of the most underutilised tools in AutoCAD must be the Group command.  It is not dissimilar to the Block command but has a bit more flexibility when it comes to removing and adding objects to the group.

The command can be accessed in the Home tab on the Groups Panel.

To create a group is as easy as the following:

  • Click on the Group icon pictured below.

In the command line AutoCAD will ask for the following.

  • Select objects – by clicking on your AutoCAD objects in the drawing window

  • Give your group a name – type in N and then press enter and then type in the name for your group eg furniture

  • give your group a description – type in D and then press enter and enter your description eg for the dining room

Once this has been done you press enter to accept your modifications.  To see the effect of the grouping select any of the objects that you selected when creating the Group.

You will notice that all the objects are highlighted as well as that there is a box that encompasses the objects and a blue grip (which is used to move the Group of objects) in the middle of the box.

If you try and use the explode option on the Grouped objects you will notice that it will not explode.  To unGroup simply select the unGroup button found to the right of the Group button and select what you want to ungroup.

Additionally, you can add and remove objects as well using the Group Edit command.