AutoCAD – Multileader Style

Accessing the Style manager for Multileaders can be done either through the Home tab or the Annotate tab.

When opening the Multileader style manager you have the option to do the following:

  • Set Current – if multiple styles are present then you can chose which one to make current for any immediate multileader activities
  • New – Create a new multileader style
  • Modify – modify an existing multileader style
  • Delete – delete an existing multileader style

When creating a new multileader the following dialog box opens.  You are able to create a name for the new style as well as basing your new style with the settings of a style that has been created previously and then tweaking your new style to fit your specifications.

The multileader style dialog box has 3 tabs to configure.

  • Leader Format – this controls the following
      • Type – the leader from the object is symbolised by a straight line, a spline or you can specify that there is no leader line
      • Color – specifies the color of the leader line
      • Linetype – specifies the linetype eg. continuous / dashed etc
      • Lineweight – specifies how thick you would like the line to be
      • Arrowhead and size- specifies how your arrowhead will look and the size
      • Leader break – this is the distance between the end of the leader and the start of your text


  • Leader Structure
    • Constraints – Controls how many segments you can create for your multileader line as well as forcing a default angle for the first and second segment of the line.
    • Landing settings – you can force a landing as well as the default landing distance
    • Scale – you can specify whether this style is annotative or not

  • Content
    • Multileader type – you can create a multileader to show either text or a block (think balloons for a parts list)
    • Text Options – This controls how your text will display the detail
      • Text style
      • Text angle
      • Text color
      • Text height
    • You can also align the text with Always left justify as well as draw a frame around the text

    • Leader Connection – you can specify that the text always connects horizontally or vertically from the object that you are connecting to.
    • Left attachment and right attachment controls where on the text the multileader will attach.   Alternatively, you can extend the leader to the text as well.




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