AutoCAD Plant 3D – Working out Pipe Weight


So your project is coming on nicely and you are ready to get a weight for the assembly maybe for a costing for galvanising the steel.  It should be quick and simple right and it is…kinda.

As with everything in life preparation is key.  This is also true for seeing the weight of the pipes.

Firstly the spec editor needs to be accessed and the catalogue or spec where the pipes resides needs to be loaded for editing.

Select either the pipe or the part that you would like to add the weight to and select Edit Parts.

Once the edit dialog box opens, navigate to the following column.

  • Weight – this is the weight of the part (a static number)
  • Weight Unit – unit of measurement (KG/LB)
  • Linear Weight – this is the weight of the pipe per unit length
  • Linear Weight Unit – unit of measurement (KG/M / LB/FT)

When creating your components if you want the weight to show you need to fill in all the information as per the image above.

Once this is done, open AutoCAD Plant and copy (if it is not in the current project) or update the spec.

Create your pipes and insert your equipment into model space.  To test if the weight is coming through correctly select a pipe and open the properties manager.

Select the pipe or equipment and navigate to the Linear Weight or Weight entry in your properties manager to note the weight.

Create an isometric of the pipe line and you can create a cut list that will have all the weights of the pipes in one drawing.