AutoCAD – Productivity Tool Part 3


Being productive in AutoCAD is not just about being the fastest draw in the West.  It’s about how to make the software work for you so that you are the fastest draw in the West.

Ever heard of Blocks. I am sure that you have, but have you heard of their second cousin Groups.  Groups are like blocks but a lot more flexible. They allow you to make temporary collections of objects that you have created on the fly.  This makes moving and manipulating your drawing a lot easier as you do not have to select each object individually and end up missing an object or 2 and then having to start over again.

Another advantage to Groups is that they are not “permanent” like Blocks, where you have to redefine them to add or remove objects.  In the below picture you can see the many different options you have when grouping or ungrouping objects.

How to Use AutoCAD Groups to organise your geometry

When you are drawing a line where does the net point get selected when typing in a co-ordinate.  We know that with the dynamic input turned on it is from the last point that the line landed on but what if you want to go to a certain point?

Put a hashtag (#) in front of your co-ordinate.  That will give you an absolute co-ordinate instead of a relative co-ordinate for AutoCAD to jump to.

If you are not happy with the relative coordinate system that AutoCAD follows it is very easy to change it to absolute co-ordinates in your options settings.